All of you must have known Pixar before. Pixar Animation Studios is a subsidiary company of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group (Disney). Based in Emeryville, California, and is known by winning seven Academy Awards. Some of you must have noticed what movies that are started with the  ‘Pixar’ text before they start, or maybe some of you may know the movies, but still in doubt whether they are produced by Pixar or not. So, the first Pixar’s movie I want to show you first is:

I should admit that Up is the first movie animation movie that brought me into tears. I bet everyone, even for boys, agree that this is one of the most touching movies ever.

Award? This movie successfully got $ 727,820,090 and won the Academy Award for “Best Animated Feature” in 2009. Up also became the first computer animated movie that gets nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

The second movie I am going to review is Wall-E. In this movie, they tried to predict the state of the earth and human in the future. Opened by the presence of cockroaches in the world (it proved that cockroaches are one of the most wonderful creatures) LOL.

I personally think that Wall-E is one of the Disney’s movies that is pretty inspired. This movie showed us a love story between two robots in different caste. One robot is a damaged robot that works to manage rubbish, while another robot is a sophisticated and multi-functioned one. She is also able to fly to space. So interesting, and of course, “better love story than Twilight”. 😀

Wall-E successfully reached profit to $521.936.655 and won Academy Award for “Best Animated Feature”category in 2008.

Need more movies? Well, next is for the best touching ending animated movie and it goes to Toy Story 3!

This is the most successful movies released by Pixar. Toy Story 3 is the only animated movie that successfully gain profit until $ 1 billion, and only the seventh movie did. Toy Story 3 is also animated movies with the highest profit so far, broke the record of Shrek 2 with $ 919 million. It is in the rank number five in the most successful movies of all time, with the highest profit in 2010, and end up by winning an Academy Award for “Best Animated Feature” in 2010.

Pixar is also the most successful animation producer in the “Best Animated Feature” by winning six out of eight nominations; its nearest competitor is DreamWorks Animation SKG that won 1 of 6 nominations. Isn’t Pixar is so remarkable with all the achievements they got?

Beside many great movies released, Pixar’s office definitely will also blow your mind!

A giant halls that look more like aircraft hangars

It really personifies the fun and childlike wonder of their movies. Each room has its own outrageous atmosphere. Well, the headquarter of Pixar, at the end, force us to conclude that this is the place where creativity is prized!

Dear Indonesian, do we also need a kind of that? 🙂