to be honest, i loved previous session of Creativity and Innovation class. it is about how to think out-of-the-box to create changes from existing products/services to be a new one. in previous session, we were asked to form a group to discuss about how to innovate SBM with S.CA.M.PE.R method?

what’s S.C.A.M.P.E.R method? it is substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to other use, eliminate, and reverse

we had so much fun discussing about the ideas,  all of the group members were giving their own creative ideas (until i was indifferent whether the ideas of them is too creative, or too insane)

so, here it is!

substitute: i wish to substitute the learning process from study-at-school to be study-wherever-you-want as long as we had internet access. yes! it would be an online school. however, it is only implemented on wednesday-friday. on monday and tuesday we still have to go to school.

combine: i wish i could combine my favorite actress/actors/any figures to be our lecturers during online school. SBM could use a video conference, so that we could interact with our worldwide favorite and inspirational figures through internet

adapt: i wish i could adapt a non stop entertainment concept to SBM, so that we would not never get bored there, and also to prevent laziness to go to college

modify: since SBM had rooftop and it is still unused, i wish i could modify it to be a restaurant-in-the-sky (not only good food, bu good view). and it is definitely no more kantin paksi, but a classy restaurant instead

put to other use: i wish that SBM  is not only can be used for a educational purpose, but it can also be used as a dormitory for students

eliminate: i wish that too many rules could be erased. no rules, but free!

reverse: i wish that lectures could give bonus for every exam’s score we got, so that it can motivate us to study more. the higher score, the higher salary

let i finish this post by saying, amen.