“Creativity is the act of combining previously unconnected ideas, concepts, information or elements to make something new, unique or useful.”

In a simple word, we can also define creativity as: bringing something new in the world, looking at the same thing as everyone else, but seeing it differently, the ability to discover new relationships and combinations, or……….

An effective surprise

Thus, does creativity matter to us? Do we need it?

Now, let us think together about what things we use regularly in life. Let’s say spoons, tables, chairs, soaps, towels, bags, pens, hand phones, bikes, cars, … Don’t them make it realize that they are the result of the creativity? Does each thing is the answer of the problems faced?

Somebody out there, at that time, was of biking with his motor cycle. He enjoyed riding until finally he knew that he needed something new, a ride with a more comfortable one that can contain him and also his family and friends together. By using creativity, cars invented, as an innovation that answers his problems.

We see that creativity is the first thing we have to concern. Do we need it? Creativity is simply thing that allow us to change the world we live in. There will be no doubt at that question.

So, talking about creativity, who is the most creative one? I think the question is not fair enough… There will be hundred names I am going to mention, but if I have really to say one, the award will go to Leonardo Kleinrock. Ever heard the name before? No? Are you really sure? If the answer is no, then it’s probably quite pathetic.

Need some clues? If there is no Leonardo Kleinrock in this world, there will be a probability that we should print our Creativity and Innovation tasks out on the paper. Yes, Leonardo Kleinrock is the inventor of internet!

Don’t want to ramble things, so here’s a brief Kleinrock’s biography:

Leonard Kleinrock (born June 13, 1934) is an American engoneer and computer scientist. A computer science professor at UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, he made several important contributions to the field of computer networking in particular to the theoretical side of computer networking. He also played an important role in the development of the ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet at UCLA. His theoretical work on hierarchical routing done in the late 1970s with his then-student Farouk Kamoun, is now critical to the operation of today’s worldwide Internet.

To end the post, what will you do to increase your creativity, to launch ideas, to change the world? Ah, that’s good ! 🙂




19 years ago a couple named Titien Srie and Nurman Ernantha made a prayer to God by naming their daughter with a name of doctors. Dr. Azhali and Dr. Sofyan Syahid are the inspired one.

So, they combine the doctors’ name and make it into this: Azaria Sophiani Nadhirah. My mom said Azaria is a girl version of ‘Azhali’. At first they want it my name to be Azalia, but it will result of ‘Lia’ nickname which is similar with my father’s sister-in-law. While ‘Sophiani’ is also a girl version of ‘Sofyan’. How about Nadhirah? Nadhirah in Arabic means always feel happy (this proves right that I always enjoy every single thing in this world happily)

I don’t know exactly how great the medical doctor profession is in my parents’ eyes (especially my mom). They also apply this doctor’s name to my brother. Syahid from Dr.Sofyan Syahid is applied to his second name, and Azhari is applied to his last name.

My parents’ prayer is successfully granted that my old brother continued his college in medical school.

Me? I have a dream to be a doctor since I was in the kindergarten (everyone wants to be a doctor at that time). I still want to be a doctor when I was in the elementary school (everyone also still wants to be a doctor at that time).  In my junior high school time, I do still want to be a doctor, but I also want to be an architect, designer, notary, etc. Time flies. Approved to enter a Science Class in my senior high school. Have done a lot of science subjects. Physics…Chemistry…Biology…just realized at that time, that they were not into me. They were hard, and if there were some easy chapters, I never like them.

So, I’m sorry mom…I think I can’t make your last 19 years’ prayer be true. (at least my brother did).

And by the way, here is my confusion about my name.

Dear Mom, is Azaria really a name for a girl? Because some people said this:

and also this one

HALO! HELLO! ALOHA! BONJOUR! مرحبا ! HEI! CIAO! こんにちは! Привет!

This is the blog I especially make to meet the requirements of Creativity and Innovation, one of the subjects from School of Business and Management-Bandung Institute of Technology

So here it is…I will post ALL the exciting tasks! 😀

Hope you can enjoy!